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3D Roller Coaster
Frame 3drc

This is my 3D roller coaster I made while attending Tech Prep at SCJVS

Software used:

3D Studio
Various shareware applications for manipulation of the video and audio.

I would like to thank my instructors Stan Jennings and Gary Glispie and everyone in my Tech Prep class for their help!


First Render My first rendering of a segment of track in AutoCad.

Christmas render More of the track. It was christmas time when I rendered the picture in AutoCad so I added the christmas tree, and snowman. I threw in a block character waving just for fun :)

Full loop My first rendering of the loop in 3D Studio Viz

Ride loop A view of the loop from the cars point if view

Incline A view of the lift hill

First drop A view from the top of the lift hill looking toward the bunny hills

Station A view from the inside of the station

Station air A view from the top of the lift hill looking at the station

Air loop An overview of the station and loop

Whole An overview of the whole coaster

Tunnel A view from the tunnel side looking toward the lift hill

Back loop My favorite picture of the coaster

ZDTV DirectTV The info of the episode my animation was on :) NEW!



No I did not forget the videos so here you go.


The ZDTV Show


The complete roller coaster


How I made the coaster

The render test of the loop


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